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Is fantasy on it's last legs?

I mean, there was always an element of fantasy the belief that the impossible, could be possible. Science fiction for instance always rested on the possibility of alien life somewhere else, or something happening in different dimensions somewhere. Fantasy was always pinned on the possibility of unseen worlds, of elements of our mythologies which might be true.

In the global iphone,ipad induced panopticon we live in, all the corners of the globe are easily surveyed, there are no bigfoots, or UFO's hidden in the dark. We now only entertain fantasy as pure fiction. Can fantasy sustain itself when we don't have even 10 percent belief invested in it?

Is virtual reality the only fantasy future generations will indulge in? Mindless fantasy becoming more and more pointless for the next generations??

Hipster hot dog - rough up - early draft of commercial pitch for advertisement

This topic just made me laugh. I've never cried after orgasming but sometimes I do feel depressed. It's the law of repulsion after orgasm.

Any experiences with this?
Browsing deviant art and looking at the front page of deviant art, I see there are so many talented artists producing images that are beautiful, highly skilled and incredibly detailed.

But when did art become so vacuous, and meaningless? There is so much fantasy and escapism. So much detachment from reality. Soft porn, dragons, and ponies and a reflection of a diseased society that is afraid to really look at itself.

Isn't art supposed to be a reflection of reality. Isn't it supposed to teach us something?
in 20 years people will look back nostalgically on ISIS as these brave renegades who fought against global imperialism. They will look on them the way people look on gangsters and the 1920's. Scary but timelessly cool. Violent. Heroic.

Beard culture and hipsters will be looked on as part of the same wave of retro Vicorian society meets the Islamic world.

Prove me wrong.

P.S This topic is obviously flame bait. Sorry. I don't really think that ISIS is badass. It's pretty horrific what is happening and my heart goes out to innocent people butchered and killed.


Animator. Director of BAD-EYE-DEERS Animations. Misanthrope.

Hipster hot dog - rough up - early draft of commercial pitch for advertisement

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