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Aha! I caught you. I don't believe in God.

But I am claming that the very IDEA of god is a direct cause of mental illness and schizophrenia. Whilst a tolerant society has to allow freedom of religion to prevent unneccesary conflict, the real victims of the stalemate in the war on religion are not mainstream religious people but those who actually try to act out on the idea of a personal internal creator. It's very sad that whilst we have left polytheism and mythology as insanities of the past, the pervading idea of a secret personal creator within is still seen as a potentially rational belief. One day we will completely evolve out of the bizzarre idea of an invisible chain to a secret personality in the back of our minds.

There is very little doubt that religion directly results in so many of the primary forms of mental illness. Schizophrenics responding to their environment as a puzzle, Fearing numbers like 666 appearing on numberplates, hearing secret messages for them from the radio or television. Modern society is in complete denial of the link between religion and mental illness, meanwhile statistics are rising on mental illness in the young and old, and suicide from mental related ilnesses.

The historical diversity of claims of what god wants for individuals and the world should be enough proof that such a deity does not exist, and that the claim that such an entity can talk to oneself is a sign of mental illness.
Remember when rock stars used to kick holes in TV's?

I mean TV wasn't that bad all in all but I liked the sentiment.
For once in this millenium can't we have some anti-social media culture. Like people can throw computers out of windows and shut down their online lives.
Some kids can get drunk and tell the judges of X factor they are ridiculous old perverted fossils who get off on criticising young children.

I'd really like to see the emergence of a rebellious culture in this dull age.
Even like a re-hash of grunge would be okay.

Come on fuckers. Do something interesting.
Ahoy. You there. Sailing on the perilous sea of the merry ship 'internet'.  
I'm sorry to inform you that you've been marooned on this here island which layman call 'philosophy forum island'.

By the invitation of the natives, I offer you this mushroom. <You eat it>
Suddenly you don't feel quite right. You're eyes are starting to notice something strange about the letters in front of you. That mushroom was a very special mushroom. The mushroom of truth.

<Follow badeyedeers as he explores island>

<As we explore you begin to question everything that brought you to exist here>
First you think about your birth. On the simplest level you were the product of your father's sperm and your mothers egg, in humanist poetry however, you were born of something much more profound, the invisible forces of love and destiny. Your father's sperm and your mother's egg comes from an even longer lineage, the mammalian family tree.
<as you walk through the forest of your history you notice that there is a monkey sitting in your family tree>.
<Follow badeyedeers to tree>
<Give banana to monkey>
<Talk to monkey>
The monkey tells you that humankind is doomed to have a beginning and an end, just like all creatures in the evolution timeline. There were ancestors who predated you, and likewise, their will come a time when something non human or trans-human will proceed you. He also tells you that your entire species is uglier and stupider than you think, and that you're attraction to each other and culture is mostly based upon hormones and chemical reactions in your brain. Lastly he tells you on a personal level that you are particularly ugly for a human, and that your face is 'just all wrong'
<Throw rock at monkey>
<Follow badeyedeers to pile of rocks>
<Look at pile of rocks>
This pile of rocks pretty much sums up all of civilisation. Humans have been pushing around rocks for thousands of years, and making patterns that they deem important for various reasons. Pretty soon humans convinced each other that the arrangement of rocks was so important that they started killing each other over it.
<Follow badeyedeers>
You come to a stream.
The internet is like a present that you keep trying to unwrap, but the more you open it the more there is just layer upon layer of wrappings.

I'm starting to doubt that there's anything inside it at all. Actually the whole thing is built on the central illusion of television, that people are interesting at all.
Are you part of the worst generation ever?

Basically, here's how it goes, if you are born after 1988 - you are officially part of generation slime. How does it feel?

It's not only that you have zero backbone as a group, that you are so utterly emmersed in fantasy and have no valid political opinions, or persuading world views. But you are the scorge who gesticulated in the womb of social media.

I have little doubt that centuries in the future history will continue to look upon you as the slimiest generation yet. 

Prove me wrong.


Animator. Director of BAD-EYE-DEERS Animations. Misanthrope.

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Hey, long time no talk. Love whatever it is you're doing with the falseprophet site right now, though I'm not sure if you're making fun of homestuck or if you're happy the gigapause is over.
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Nice site
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Thanking you
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Thanks for the fave, Badeyedeers, much appreciated :D
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are you in the masons?  what about the kabbalah?
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good to see you back around, btw.  there was some wild speculation going on a while ago regarding Frank, etc., that i seemed to get sucked into for a spell, and you were there.  it was weird.  anyways, phi/rel has been relatively lame lately.
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Thanks. Good to be back.
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