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Tequila the Tick by badeyedeers
Tequila the Tick
Hey! Found a sketch somebody did for me of Tequila the Tick ages ago.
Tequila from HELLS HOST:…
Charlie Brooker
Anyone want to share sweet schemes or scams they've pulled off, or good ideas for sweet schemes (As artists or just in general)

Definition: A sweet scheme is basically a hustle or a con job that is not so harmful as to make it criminal, but that gets you good bucks or rewards.

ie. In primary school there was this kid who worked out he could buy stuff from the canteen in bulk and resell it to the kids individually making himself some extra bucks.

On a somewhat related note:
Last night I was at a pub and this guy comes up to me and asks if I want to play doubles with him. I thought he meant that me and my friends would play verse him and I felt like a game so I accepted. But it turned out he wanted me to play on his side against other people. Turns out he was a hustler, but he wasn't hustling me, he was using me as bait, by saying 'i can use anyone in this room' and then betting money and winning. He sunk 7 balls in one sitting. In the end I lucked out because I got in on his hustle and he started shouting me beers. Pretty sweet deal.
Your name is Cletus-ray-hilly-pho-down-McAsshat,
Your father is a proud clansmen from Louisiana.
Of course it's not something that would be allowed to be made public but he has three medals for lynchin' three n____s!
He's your idol and role model.

You are watching TV and the man you refer to as 'President Obongo' is talking about creating a justice system without discrimination. This man is the anti-christ in your opinion. He's probably a reptile too.

You get up and walk into the kitchen and put a chicken pot pie in the oven for dinner.
>Look around kitchen
On the table are some notes written on paper and other documents.
On the wall is a large shield with two medi-eval swords criss-crossed on them.
>Look at shield
(It's the familial coat of arms for the Asshat family.)
There is a shotgun in an open suitcase on the dresser.

Suddenly you hear a noise outside, a clatter and some loud hollering.

It's happening. You think. The black man is rising up just like in those riots you saw on dem televisions.

What would you like to do next?


Animator. Director of BAD-EYE-DEERS Animations. Misanthrope.

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Heya, Thanksies a million for the Watch!!
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thanks 4 the watch
badeyedeers Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
Your style is really appealing. Make more stuff
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BTW I sent you a note.
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Thanks for the favorite and the watch! I really, really appreciate it! 
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Hey, long time no talk. Love whatever it is you're doing with the falseprophet site right now, though I'm not sure if you're making fun of homestuck or if you're happy the gigapause is over.
LazyBoneArtist Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Nice site
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Thanking you
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Thanks for the fave, Badeyedeers, much appreciated :D
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