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Usually when there's big wars raging, the poets come out of the woodwork to remind us of the horrors of turning on our fellow man, and so on...

Any good war poets around these days for Iraq etcetera?

How about this one.

There once was a jughead named Wade,
Who went off to join the crusade,
He had an emotional crisis,
When that meddlesome ISIS,
Cut off some journalists head,

Soon everyone will be dead.

Now he's using a remote,
From some ivory tower,
Giving Iraquis the vote,
With his awesome new power,
Its pretty easy firing from these drones,
Eating pancakes and scones,
Drinkin' cans of lemonade,
On this chillin' crusade.

Whilst these towel heads, he thinks, all eat lead.

Alright, look. I'm not saying I'M that poet. So, any good war poetry around?
What is Christianty's opinion on voyerism?

Not pervy as far as deities are concerned? Or deities can be creeps too?
I know Zeus liked a bit of the old perve, and rape here and there, any descriptions on Yahweh's sexual appetite in the new or Old Testament???

Also, did Jesus masturbate?
I'm genuinely interested.
Sweet. A new Weekly wipe. Now i've got something to watch. #Charliebrooker

I'm currently working on a project. Its a music video, and I need a piece of digital art for one of the scenes. The song is called 'dreamland' and the whole thing is set at a haunted carnival. The scene i'm working on is some skeletons cooking these human  hot dogs,... whilst rats eat the crumbs. Then a skeleton with aviators on a motorbike rides over the rat and splats its guts everywhere.

You can get an idea of how its going so far, (in really low res) here:…

The whole clip is painted scene by scene and is inspired by Geralds scarfes animation in 'The Wall':…

What I need is a really detailed piece of digital art to use for the final scene, which you may see involves a skeleton, with a helmet and aviators, who drives over a rat and squishes it so it explodes.

The scene needs to be a really high level of detail and the skeleton's face should look really menacing, as its laughing, so someone with a horror background would be a plus.

For the bike were going for a sleek and modern design:

I need a really detailed shot of the skeleton on the bike, riding towards the screen. Its important that its highly rendered, particularly important details are the helmet, which needs to look really cool, inspired by something like this:

or the top gun helmet (or something out of AKIRA you know what I mean?):

Importantly, what the director wants is for it to have stickers all over it and be decorated uniquely, like the helmet from Full metal jacket: (But with more stickers)
And although not the same as this scene, to have as much detail with the bike and the helmet, so it looks really cool.

Link me your stuff, or note me if you are interested at this price, especially if you have horror or fantasy experience and a detailed style of rendering
Tequila the Tick by badeyedeers
Tequila the Tick
Hey! Found a sketch somebody did for me of Tequila the Tick ages ago.
Tequila from HELLS HOST:…


Animator. Director of BAD-EYE-DEERS Animations. Misanthrope.
Sweet. A new Weekly wipe. Now i've got something to watch. #Charliebrooker

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