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Anyone want to share sweet schemes or scams they've pulled off, or good ideas for sweet schemes (As artists or just in general)

Definition: A sweet scheme is basically a hustle or a con job that is not so harmful as to make it criminal, but that gets you good bucks or rewards.

ie. In primary school there was this kid who worked out he could buy stuff from the canteen in bulk and resell it to the kids individually making himself some extra bucks.

On a somewhat related note:
Last night I was at a pub and this guy comes up to me and asks if I want to play doubles with him. I thought he meant that me and my friends would play verse him and I felt like a game so I accepted. But it turned out he wanted me to play on his side against other people. Turns out he was a hustler, but he wasn't hustling me, he was using me as bait, by saying 'i can use anyone in this room' and then betting money and winning. He sunk 7 balls in one sitting. In the end I lucked out because I got in on his hustle and he started shouting me beers. Pretty sweet deal.
Your name is Cletus-ray-hilly-pho-down-McAsshat,
Your father is a proud clansmen from Louisiana.
Of course it's not something that would be allowed to be made public but he has three medals for lynchin' three n____s!
He's your idol and role model.

You are watching TV and the man you refer to as 'President Obongo' is talking about creating a justice system without discrimination. This man is the anti-christ in your opinion. He's probably a reptile too.

You get up and walk into the kitchen and put a chicken pot pie in the oven for dinner.
>Look around kitchen
On the table are some notes written on paper and other documents.
On the wall is a large shield with two medi-eval swords criss-crossed on them.
>Look at shield
(It's the familial coat of arms for the Asshat family.)
There is a shotgun in an open suitcase on the dresser.

Suddenly you hear a noise outside, a clatter and some loud hollering.

It's happening. You think. The black man is rising up just like in those riots you saw on dem televisions.

What would you like to do next?
Here's another hypocritic catch 22 created by our existing mental health system.

I see this happen all the time. Someone on a forum will be posting their vague experiences related to the unknown aspects of the mental realms, psychadelic experiences, moments of synchronicity or serendipity, pattern forming to understand the universe better, occult leanings - fortune telling etcetera - then in will come the pyschology burnt troll calling out 'schizophrenia' at them. 'Your displaying symptoms of shizophrenic paranoia'. I've seen people incarcerated in health institutions in real life for similar lines of thought.

Now I bet that the same people who commented on my previous journal 'god causes schizophrenia'…
are now going to come out of the woodwork in praise of the psychological institution, just like they did with the religious institutions without allowing for any flaws existing within the system, even though there is obviously a multitude. Why? Because people like to maintain the status quo. Psychology and religion ARE fundamentally at odds. But why is psychology allowed to intervene on our actions and start calling us mentally ill at all? That's the real question.

Here's my personal opinion on the institution as it is. We all know that instiutionalisation was not started with individuals well being in mind. It was started as an extension of law enforcement, the state locking away people who it felt their behaviour/views/beliefs did not gel within society. It has since reformed and many in the institution now are doing great work to try and help people who's lives are torn apart by anxiety and other maladys which completely incapacitate them. Meanwhile the institution is also still attached to the law enforcement institution. Contraversy often arises when psychopaths are given lighter sentencing because they are deemed mentally ill, creating this grey area where people are afraid to comment about it at all. Mental illness I heard said, is the biggest taboo of our age, not sex, or pornography or issues that are now normalised. People are genuinely afraid of thinking something that well make them labelled as crazy, even though the notion itself is absurd. You can't think yourself crazy. You are free to think whatever the fuck you want, whenever the fuck you want. Period.

The solution is really simple and something that civil rights movements should have fought for decades ago. 'Mental health' as it stands as an institution should not be linked to law enforcement at all. If someone commits a crime they should be charged under the penal system for that crime. If the prison system adopts any aspect of mental health in treating the inmates thats a seperate issue. Meanwhile 'mental health' should be treated in the same way 'health' is treated. What does that mean? That if someone has committed no crime they shouldn't be able to be contained or assesed by our institutions AT ALL, unless it is willing. No one is forced to be treated for a broken leg if they choose not to, so why should they if they have a broken brain? If no one commits a criminal act the state should have no authority to contain them. We can't compulsory treat or contain people for health reasons. We can. But we shouldn't.

Phase 1)
Acknolwedge the connection between religion and mental health
Phase 2)
Seperate health from law enforcement and stop the state from encroaching on controlling peoples mental arena whatsoever - if people wanted to be treated for their mental health then they can by their own choice.

Simple. That ends the taboo of wether an idea can make someone mentally il. Because quite simply it can't. People should be free to practice whatever goddamn crazy ritual they want without the guise of religion. If they want to add up the numbers on numberplates or believe the CIA is talking to them through cigarette butts, then they should be allowed to. They are allowed to. End of story.
Here me out.

Capitilism is in crisis, probably not so much because of Karl Marx's prediction of overproduction, but rather, the move in the last few decades from national economies to a global economy, which is rapidly changing everything. It is clear that the system we have currently is no longer sustainable,for so many reasons. But the dissatisfaction we see in some of these occupy movements and so forth comes down to the shifting around of inequalities that were already in place. For instance, shifting of slave labour which has traditionally been cordoned off to countries like China and Africa, is now filtering down through the multinational corporations to where it doesn't matter if you live in America or Spain, you will earn less and less at Wallmart as the new global capitilist order filters all over the globe. The growing sentiment seems to be that revolution against the 1 percent is the only solution to the problem, but is there another one?

Before giving my opinion, first to another major economic problem that comes up a lot, which is the fact that currency is no longer measured by its worth in gold. This means ultimately that all commodities only have value placed on them by the random winds of existing systems, where in fact there should be a better levelling of the worth of commodites based on their labour and worth in comparison to other commodities so that fairness rules out. So here is my solution:

Nobody really wants to be met by a whole load of new laws, restrictions and global policies that restrict peoples life choices and freedom, so instead of trying to impose some new communist government over everything, what we really need is a kind of simple chemical change to the formula that naturally adds a counterbalance in weight and shifts the entire economic spectrum. So what if, we create a new global currency, measured not by gold-worth, but measured in litres of oil, out of which will be born a new bartering system, where commodities will be revalued on their worth, rejuvinating economic excitement and completely shifting the existing balance.
Aha! I caught you. I don't believe in God.

But I am claming that the very IDEA of god is a direct cause of mental illness and schizophrenia. Whilst a tolerant society has to allow freedom of religion to prevent unneccesary conflict, the real victims of the stalemate in the war on religion are not mainstream religious people but those who actually try to act out on the idea of a personal internal creator. It's very sad that whilst we have left polytheism and mythology as insanities of the past, the pervading idea of a secret personal creator within is still seen as a potentially rational belief. One day we will completely evolve out of the bizzarre idea of an invisible chain to a secret personality in the back of our minds.

There is very little doubt that religion directly results in so many of the primary forms of mental illness. Schizophrenics responding to their environment as a puzzle, Fearing numbers like 666 appearing on numberplates, hearing secret messages for them from the radio or television. Modern society is in complete denial of the link between religion and mental illness, meanwhile statistics are rising on mental illness in the young and old, and suicide from mental related ilnesses.

The historical diversity of claims of what god wants for individuals and the world should be enough proof that such a deity does not exist, and that the claim that such an entity can talk to oneself is a sign of mental illness.


Animator. Director of BAD-EYE-DEERS Animations. Misanthrope.

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